For 5 years I worked with a group of mostly Java developers who had to drive about an over an hour each way once a week to the client’s office. In this time I managed to avoid ever getting behind the wheel of a car (I’m phobic of driving in big cities, especially New York). I also mostly managed to avoid touching Java. This had less to do with a lack of Java knowledge (though it is not my strength), and more with a dislike of the type of work that Java lends itself to. When I did make the occasional commit to Java code (usually a minor change, I only remember writing a new class once), it often elicited some sort of joke from a co-worker (or myself) that I had actually written in Java. So when I sat through the first part of an ad-hoc “refresher” session on Java for my Software Architecture class, it was reassuring that I didn’t really learn anything new.

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