CMU Facilities

CMU Administration



BH — Baker Hall
CFA — College of Fine Arts Building
CYH — Cyert Hall
DH — Doherty Hall
EDSH — Elliot Dunlap Smith Hall
HBH — Hamburg Hall
HH — Hamerschlag Hall
HL — Hunt Library
IA — Industrial Administration
MI — Mellon Institute
MM — Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall
NSH — Newell Simon Hall
OSC — Old Student Center
PCA — Purnell Center for the Arts
PH — Porter Hall
POS — Posner Hall
PTC — Pittsburgh Technology Center
SEI — Software Engineering Institute
SH — Scaife Hall
UC — University Center
WEH — Wean Hall
WH — Warner Hall
PRB — Planetary Robotics Building
Posner Hall/Tepper School of Business
WHIT — Whitfield Hall
Skibo — Skibo Gymnasium
REH — Roberts Engineering Hall