I’ve just finished my first day of classes at CMU and so far so good.  During the orientation the previous HCI graduate students said that on the first day of the HCI Methods class last year the professor told everyone that they were already a week behind in their reading.  Thankfully that didn’t happen today. In fact we have no homework (yet).  The class still looks like alot of work, but hopefully it won’t be as insane as it was made out to be.

My biggest issues have been with the non-CMU parts of Pittsburgh: Verizon screwing up my internet connection, my landlord loosing track of payments I sent them (twice),  Pennsylvania alcohol laws that seemed designed to make the purchase of alcohol an all around unpleasant experience.  But the CMU parts are all good.  My fellow MHCI students are smart, friendly, and diverse.  The classes look interesting and useful.  The trickiest part of the semester looks to be the logistics of scheduling meetings and work for the various group simultaneous group projects.